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Arthritis is a painful condition with no known cure that affects the joints and the cartilage within the joints.  The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis, a condition caused by wear-and-tear on the joints over time. There are other conditions that can cause arthritis, such as autoimmune disorders and illnesses, but no other arthritic condition affects as many people as osteoarthritis. Since osteoarthritis develops and worsens over time, it is considered a degenerative disease. This condition typically targets the knees, hips, back, neck and fingers.

While osteoarthritis cannot be cured, there are effective medical treatments available that can greatly help ease joint pain, slow the progression of the disease and help patients regain their mobility. Dr. Ailis Marrero and her medical team are well versed in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis.

Preventing osteoarthritis generally involves keeping active and maintaining a healthy diet, as obesity is directly linked to osteoarthritis. Carrying extra weight puts additional stress on weight-bearing joints, contributing to the deterioration of joint health. Additionally fatty tissue can produce proteins that cause inflammation, a major symptom of osteoarthritis. Exercising can be difficult when a person is batting the pain caused by arthritis, which is why seeing a doctor for arthritis treatment is important. Dr. Marrero can help treat pain caused by arthritis, and as a former personal trainer, she can recommend the best ways to keep active and help improve joint health. 


  • Pain in and around the joints
  • Diminished joint flexibility
  • Joint inflammation, stiffness and weakness
  • Redness and warmth in or around the joints
  • Stiffness in the morning or after sitting for an extended time

Causes and Risk Factors

Osteoarthritis is caused by the deterioration of the cartilage that sits between the bones and helps the bones to move more fluidly. Without this cartilage the bones may come in direct contact with one another, causing pain and inflammation. Risk factors for osteoarthritis may include:

  • Advanced age
  • Being female
  • Being overweight
  • Family history
  • Occupational overuse
  • Previous joint injury
  • Bone deformities
  • Other underlying medical condition

Possible Treatments

Treatment plans may vary, but can include:

  • Exercises targeted on muscles and joint strength
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Joint Injections
  • Surgery/joint replacement
  • Dietary and lifestyle modifications
  • Pain relievers

Dr. Marrero’s medical team can also recommend at-home therapies, like as hot and cold therapy, which may ease some osteoarthritis symptoms.

If you or a member of your family has joint pain indicative of osteoarthritis or any other form of arthritis, please contact the medical team at Connerton Family Medicine. Chances are, we can you overcome the pain and regain your mobility. Contact us online to request an appointment or call us at 813.803.7907 today!