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Well-Child Exam

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For many adults and children alike, a visit to the doctor means a sick visit, but that shouldn’t be the only time you see your family doctor! Well visits are an important time to review any new or ongoing medical problems and are a good time to ask your doctor any health questions you may have. While these visits are essential for everyone, they are especially crucial during a child’s formative years.

Dr. Ailis Marrero and the medical team at Connerton Family Medicine conduct well-child exams for children 8 and older. These exams are recommended at age 8 and then nearly annually after age 10. These opportunities offer Dr. Marrero an opportunity to evaluate your child’s growth and make sure he develops at an appropriate pace. Typically during a well-child exam Dr. Marrero will examine your child’s height, weight and motor, language, social, cognitive, learning and behavioral skills. During pre-teen and teenage years, Dr. Marrero can assess your child’s approach to puberty and answer any questions that you or your child may have about this changing time in his life.

These well-child exams also are great opportunities to screen for medical conditions that rarely present symptoms but can cause serious health problems later in life, such as hearing problems, childhood obesity, sleep disorders, hypertension and urinary, cardiovascular and orthopaedic problems. Vaccines can be discussed and administered during these exams also, but are only a small part of these examinations.

Well-child exams are recommended at the following ages:

  • 8 Year
  • 10 Year
  • 11 Year
  • 12 Year
  • 14 Year
  • 15 Year
  • 16 Year
  • 17 Year
  • 18 Year

These maintenance exams satisfy the guidelines for entrance into area schools and sports teams. If you have questions about well-child exams and the assessments that Dr. Marrero and the Connerton Family Medicine team can conduct, please contact our office by phone at 813.803.7907 or online using our form here.